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I’m going to talk about Java, performance, and a proof-of-concept I created back in 2016 that provides a generalised brute-force search engine that can perform billions of comparisons in a fraction of a second.


Hello Clojure. Hello Cursive.

14 November 2016   Clojure

So about a year ago I wrote this post about Clojure and IDEs. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realised there was a free non-commercial license available for Cursive, an IntelliJ plugin for Clojure. It’s time to set the record straight.


Hello Clojure. Adiós IDE.

12 October 2015   Clojure

Getting a development environment setup for Clojure is not easy. I thought I’d follow-up my previous Clojure post and discuss my attempt to find a solid Clojure editor setup.